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CATDOLL Coco Soft Silicone Head


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Meet Coco: Your Adorable Companion

Introducing Coco, a beautiful doll designed to bring joy and charm into your life. Coco is crafted with a head made from soft silicone material, giving her a lifelike and touchably soft feel. Her body can be customized with either TPE or silicone material, depending on your preference for flexibility and durability.

Coco offers a range of personalization options to make her truly unique to you. Choose from various wigs to style her hair just the way you like it, select her eye color to match your favorite shade, and pick the perfect skin tone to bring her to life. While the soft silicone material of her head does not allow for implanted hair, her wigs provide a beautiful and versatile alternative.

With exceptional craftsmanship, Coco is designed to impress. Her exquisite details and realistic features are complemented by her perfect size, typically available in body heights ranging from 92cm to 108cm. To enhance her natural beauty, we recommend choosing Pink as her skin tone, giving her a delicate and fresh appearance.

Whether you’re looking for a charming addition to your collection or a delightful gift for someone special, Coco is the perfect choice. Her soft silicone head, customizable features, and stunning aesthetics make her a doll like no other. Bring Coco home today and let her brighten up your world!


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